I think too much

And I still frighten myself too much with my thoughts.
I imagine all the awful things that could, maybe, perhaps happen.
But mostly don’t.

Why is it so hard to let go of those unproductive, negative habits?
Why is it so hard to turn Wrongs into Rights?

In a way, there aren’t no Wrongs nor Rights. It just is as it is!
We all do the best we can due to the circumstances, due to our experiences and what we know about things. About life.

Often, the “wrongs” is what we need to learn something, to get experience and knowledge.
It’s actually more like gifts from the universe. Gifts that are possibilities for us to grow, to level up – as my daughter says.

Though, in the middle of something, we don’t see it that way. We see some kind of trouble we don’t want in our lives. And the more we think about that, dwell upon it, focus on it – the worse it gets. And sooner or later we end up sick or handicapped in some way. Maybe depressed or living with some chronic disease.

When we finally have realized, when we’ve worked through those lessons and consciously experienced what we were supposed to be aware of?
Why is it so hard to let go of those unproductive habits we don’t really want?
That pain, that anxiety, that fear.

Those chronic diseases, ailments, disorders – that are hindering us to live life at the fullest.

(Or – unconsciously – do we actually want our life to be that way? Do we somehow actually need it? Do we benefit from it somehow? Like getting attention? Power over others? Do we manipulate our family with our… whatever dis-eas we might have?)

Basically we know better, don’t we?  So what to do about it?

Well! First of all – it might be good to…

Love yourself
Being nice to yourself
Treat yourself as your best friend.
Don’t hate yourself – instead have compassion for yourself!
You were and are doing the best you can!

Many “gurus” may be of great help and inspiration. Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer. Neale Donald Walsch – just to mention a few.

For example this video.