Love is in the air

Yesterday was such a lovely day! Sunny as love itself, a bit windy but not too much, and a tiny bit chilly in the shadow. That’s what makes it a wonderful day, isn’t it? Warm, but not too warm. Perfect day to take a ride on the bicycle. Or two rides, actually. Couldn’t resist a short one in the afternoon as well, after I had been sitting on the patio reading for several hours.

Something fantastic happened to me while I was on my first ride after breakfast. Since I have had this peculiar stiffness and pain throughout practically all my muscles for some time, a looooong time it feels like, I have of course besides other things – like taken supplements with curcumin, boswellia, Omega3 and cayennepepper for a couple of weeks, as well as been meditating and listening to videos with relaxing and positive affirmations – also been praying for help and guidance.

One of the videos I’ve been watching on youtube is about Convergence healing with Peter Bedard. It is so inspirational and I think it has helped me a lot.

Shortly, it is about listening to your body and the pain, love it and treat it as your best friend. Ask the body/pain what it needs to feel better – and upon all of this: stop beating yourself up, stop thinking all those negative thoughts.

Also stop listen to doctors who only know about drugs and surgery. The body can heal itself, if you just give it a chance.

Besides watching the video, you can also buy the book. I did, and I just love it! You can get it on  Amazon or on iBooks.

One of the things Peter Bedard recommend is to give your pain a name. Or rather – ask the pain for its name! I did that some time ago, and we somehow agreed on the name “Joe”. I’m not quite sure the pain chose it, or if it was me. The mind-me. The odd thing may be since I’m actually a “she”. But the soul has no gender so it isn’t wrong. It just is!

So as I mounted the saddle yesterday morning, I decided to do just as Peter Bedard suggests – talk to my body and the pain. I had certainly not neglected Joe, but for some time not been having any actual conversation with my corporal friend either and I felt a bit ashamed.

I said
“Hi! How are you? I love you, you know that don’t you? I love you very much! I’m sorry I haven’t spoken with you for some time now.” I paused for a moment then continued.  “Do you still want to me to call you Joe?”

“Oh, (he said smiling). I think it’s better you call me – (he made a mini-pause) – Jesus.”

I just gasped. It was so utterly unexpected. I myself (the mind) would never even had thought of choosing that name. I have for ever and ever have had difficulties saying that name out loud. When praying I’ve always turned to God, not Jesus. I guess I never have been able to see Jesus the christian/bible-way. Now, after having learned more about Jesus, seeing him with other eyes, I don’t find the issue that awkward any longer. But I still never use his name in a prayer, so that I should choose his name for my body/pain is totally far-fetched. But yet! That’s what my body/pain/higher-self wanted. “He” choose the name Jesus!

I felt awkward, but at the same time totally overwhelmed. I felt filled with joy and gratefulness. No, that’s not the best word for it, even though the feeling also included a huge amount of joy and gratefulness. I got tears in my eyes and found myself speechless. Couldn’t reach any words at all, I was totally feelings

The voice inside said to me:
“Say: Jesus, I love you!”
It felt a bit awkward, but after a while I said it.
“I love you, Jesus!”

And I said it again and again, and got so filled with love, joy and gratefulness that the tears now almost made it difficult to keep on biking.

“You are free from your issues with your muscles now.” Jesus voice said. “It may linger on for a couple of days more, but you are free.”
I kept on gasping, love almost broke my chest open and all I could say and think was Thank you!


And I knew it was true.

I know it is true!

And yes! Today I still experience some stiffness in my entire back, but it is so much easier on me. In fact, from the moment Jesus spoke to me I felt so much better, so much stronger. It was like something just tingled its way out from me.
And therefore I was also able to take another tour with my bike later in the afternoon.

Down below I’ve gathered some of the books I’ve read that have altered my thoughts about Jesus, to believe in him as a teacher and as someone to follow with love

Dolores Cannon was a regression therapist who accidentally came in contact with people who had lived at the same time as Jesus. Here are some of the stories. Very intriguing, inspiring and interesting. Both can be bought from Amazon (Click images for link)

Jesus, my autobiography is channelled from Jesus himself through Tina Louise Spalding. A wonderful book which can be bought from Amazon, but is also available on iBooks
Then – of course – there is “A Course in Miracles” 
Teachings of Jesus channelled through  Dr. Helen Schucman in the 1970s
Those of you who have read my post all the way to the end, are probably more or less familiar with this book
Can be bought from Amazon, iBooks and probably many other places


Youtube is useful also here, just search for: A course… Tina Louise… Dolores …

What happened?

Where did I go?
I don’t understand a single thing…

Well, I do. Some. But nevertheless I wonder why my life has become so different from what I thought it would be.
And I don’t mean the entire life! I just refer to the last couple of months! How it is now in regards of how it was before moving back to my hometown. I thought I should feel better in every way!

Well I do feel better in many ways! I’m back home, for godness sake! I’m with my family again, and I don’t feel so lonely any longer, and not so hopeless.

But, though I now have enhanced my muscles and can ride my bike more and for longer trips, it seems impossible for me to bike as far distances as I actually want to. My back pain has increased, and the muscles stiffen for almost no cause at all. I’m very tired, don’t sleep particularly well, and have to force myself even to do the most ordinary must-do’s at home. Like cleaning and such.

I don’t write! I was supposed to take more photos, all the city around, I was supposed to blog more – and actually write blog posts! Not only post an image or two!
But when I open any of my blogs with the intent to write something, I just feel a big

I was also supposed to start working on some novel or short stories! Be regularly with my writings. Like everyday letting something out from my mind through my fingers.
And I do nothing of the sort!
Why? Is this temporary?

Okay! I see a lot more of my family of course, and I really love that, but I don’t see them everyday. And I read books again – that’s a good thing


Should it take this long to adapt to new better circumstances? To a new, but well-known, habitat?
Should it take this long to let go of old stress? To leave behind loneliness and despair?
I have lived here for almost five months now!

So where did I go?
I do understand some things…
Why stress during a long time – years actually – makes such a impact on us. Makes us ill. And it takes time to recover. Even under the best circumstances.