I guess it’s time…

… to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m sorry, but I won’t give you much. In this blog, at this time, I would prefer to be as private as possible. I would like to have the freedom that can give. Not the freedom to be rude, complain, mock or in any other way be mean and talk angrily about “all and everything”.

The freedom I seek, is the freedom to be personal, to write about stuff that I either don’t dare to write or talk with people about, or … well sometimes I just have the need to let myself go, but without letting anyone know that I am Me! And Myself!

I’ll probably never write about politics, and not about religion per se – but spirituality lies warm around my heart. I consider myself a spiritual person on the way not only to knowing, but to experience myself as a spiritual being.

Maybe I’m a coward since I don’t want to scream out loud about what I believe in? Or maybe I’m just cautious?  You see! I just want Love! I’ll put it in this way – I am Love! And so are you. Let’s focus upon that.

Well! I’m not a newcomer as a blogger, even though this blog still is as young as a newborn child. I’ve been blogging since early 2007, first on Blogspot and since spring 2009 here on WordPress. I don’t know how many different blogs I’ve had in total, but at present I have another, older, WP-account with a couple of blogs – but they are mostly dormant. At least for the time being.

Actually! I feel lika a huge question mark considering this! I thougt I would write, blog and photograph a lot after my move back to my hometown. But I haven’t! It’s like something is blocking me every time I try to create a blogpost or browse my drafts. Occasionally I’ve managed to create an image of some sort and published it on one of the blogs, but even that I find hard.

Still, somewhere inside me I yearn for my skills of writing to bloom, but I also realise I probably just need more time to settle down here in my new life situation. But I also yearn to write more about things that matters to me. Sometimes I see myself with my inner eye, I see myself sitting at a table writing… and writing… and writing…

Then the image fade and vanish… and I realise that I – now – as it happens – don’t have even a single clue what to write.

Hence, I am here now! In disguise, so to speak, aiming for my flow to return, to open up for writings of any kind. longing for writing a novel, short stories and much more.

Some of the posts might be shallow and pure weekday-like. Others may go under the topic health, or food or something like that.
But I guess many of my posts here will have some connection to the spiritual realm. To “God”, Light, Universe, Love – to whatever you’ll call it.

By the way! English isn’t my native language! I’m pretty good at it, but I also know I might make terrible errors – which I try to correct even after I’ve published the post sometimes. Especially the prepositions can be very devious to choose from…

When writing in my own language I’m quite a nerd. It just has to be perfect. And I don’t only mean when it comes to grammar and spelling. I really do wish I were equally good in English.